Bibliographic Services

How can I find out what I need to know about our design and sizing problems?

Let us do a bibliographic search for you. Anthrotech owns one of the most comprehensive collections of articles, books, journals, and government studies on the results of body size studies, methodology, data applications, and expert analyses.

Bibliographic ServicesWe can put our library to work for you by:

  • Conducting specialized literature searches
  • Customizing bibliographies
  • Performing electronic searches for additional material relevant to your needs
  • Supplying reprints and photocopies in compliance with U.S. Copyright laws

The bibliography below represents the contribution Anthrotech has made to the field of physical anthropometry over the past five decades. All the listed publications have been written or co-written by Anthrotech staff, past and present. Many of them can be obtained from the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC). DTIC products and services are available to U.S. government organizations, their contractors, subcontractors, and potential contractors.

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